Stránka se bude upravovat.

Awarding of titles CAJC, BOJ, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB, BOV, BOB, BOS.

FCI Group I., II., III., IV., V., VI., VII., VIII., IX., X. 
+ breeds not recognized by the FCI

Registration fees - will be specified

I. Deadline
II. Deadline
III. Deadline

Printed catalogue
- Online version of the catalog will be published for free on the day of the show, 2 hours before judging.

70 Kč70 Kč70 Kč

Per dog without the catalog*
- Junior class (9-18 months)
- Intermediate class (15 – 24 months)
- Open, Working and Champions' class (15 months+)

40 €45 €50 €

Minor Puppy (4 – 6 months)
Junior (6 – 9 months)
- without catalog

20 €30 €30 €
Veterans (8 years and up)
- without catalog
20 €20 €25 €
- Junior Handling (category 9-12 and 13-17 years)
150 CZK15 €20 €
  • The online catalog will be published for free on the day of the show, 2 hours before judging.
  • Euro prices are available at the English version.

Registration Guidelines

  • We accept registrations only through 
  • We accept registrations only through It is necessary to have an account on the website and all the dogs you want to register need to be added to the account before you start the registration process.
  • Payments only through the online payment system GoPay, available in the last step of the registration.
  • We do not accept payments by a bank transfer - these payments are automatically sent back to the account from which they came from.
  • We don't accept registrations through mail or e-mail.
  • After the registration you will receive an email with the confirmation make sure you’ve entered a valid email address. In this confirmation, you will see information about the show days, all registered dogs as well as their classes and competitions.
  • If you don’t receive the confirmation emailit is possible that you are NOT registered" In such cases do not hesitate to contact us at and provide details about your registration.
  • If you have a problem with singing up or singing in to your account, please contact
  • The exhibitor is subject to all FCI and CMKU (Českomoravská kynologická unie - Czechomoravian Cynology Union) rules and guidelines as well as the show’s propositions, upon the acceptation of the registration by organizer.
  • The date of the payment determines the deadline fees for each deadline, not the registration date.
  • Without an attached copy of a recognized working / champion’s certificate within the registration, the dog will be automatically moved to the open class.
  • A dog can only be registered in one class on each judging day.
  • Change of class is possible, for a fee of 10 €, by the third deadline at the latest.
  • The change of class and registration cancellation after the last deadline is not possible.
  • The applications and documents sent after the last deadline will not be accepted or considered.
  • Should the exhibitor not receive the entry form within the given timeframe, he/she should immediately contact the show organizers at and provide details about registered dogs. .
  • The organizer is not responsible for incorrectly filled entry forms.
  • By submitting the registration, the exhibitor grants his/her permission to have their name and address published in the show’s catalogue.


    Registrations can be paid only through the online payment system GoPay.

    • The date of the payment determines the deadline fees for each deadline, not the registration date.
    • Unpaid registrations and registrations without the proof of payment will be cancelled.
    • Payments for more dogs (within one registration, with an identical owner) need to be paid in total and not separately.
    • Cancellation of the registration by the 3rd deadline = 100 CZK
    • Reclassification of a dog to another class at the request of the exhibitor possible only until the 3rd deadline = 100 CZK
    • Payment on the show, only in exceptional cases which are determined by the organizer. the exhibitor always pays the 3rd deadline fees and an additional €10 fee for the cash payment on the show.

    25% Discount for the Czech national breeds (until the first deadline)

    • Per dog without the catalog 30 €

      For Juniors, Intermediate, Open, Working and the Champions' class

    • Minor puppy and Junior 15 €

      Minor puppies 4-6 months, Juniors 6-9 months

    • Veteran 15 €

      8 years and up

    • Fees with discount are only valid for Czech national breeds.
    • Discount 25 % for Czech National Breeds, when registering until the I. Deadline. for breeds:
      Český horský pes (Czech Mountain Dog), Český fousek (Bohemian wire-haired Pointing griffon), Český strakatý pes (Bohemian Spotted Dog), Chodský pes (Bohemian Shepherd), Pražský krysařík (Prague Ratter), Československý vlčák (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)