Prague Expo Dog CACIB

10. - 11. 4. 2020

Awarding of Titles

No titles from the ring can be demanded.
For issuing of Czech Junior champion, Czech Champion, C.I.B.and C.I.E the current rules apply.

The issuing of Championship's is located in the Entrance Hall
The requirements are available at CMKU website

Awarding of Titles from the Rings
  • BOJ – Best of Juniors
  • CAC CZ
  • Reserve CAC CZ
  • Reserve CACIB
  • BOV – Best of Veterans
  • BOB – Best of Breed
  • BOS – Best of opposite sex – can be awarded to an individual of a different sex than the one who has won the BOB title.
Final Competitions Titles
  • JBIG – Junior Best in Group (Junior Winners of FCI Groups)
  • BIG – Best in Group (winners of FCI groups)
  • JBOD – Junior Best of Day
  • BOD – Best of Day
  • JBIS – Junior Best in Show
  • BIS – Best in Show

Two Annual International All-Breed Dog Shows in Prague organized by Czech Cynology Union, under World Canine Organization (FCI) and Czechomoravian Cynology Federation (CMKU).

Czech Cynology Union




Minor Puppy4 – 6 months
Puppy6 – 9 months
Junior9 – 18 months
Intermediate15 – 24 months


15 months and up
Veterans'8 years and up

Junior Handling

Starting at 11am the Junior Handling qualifications for the Final Competitions.

Entry Forms

Will be available through the dogoffice account once published, usually 10 days before the show. Exhibitors with a dogoffice account will recieve a download link through the email. 
The entry form also acts as a ticket for the show (one registered dog=one free entry).
As an exhibitor, you can arrive at the show according to the judging timetable of your ring which we publish usually 10 days before the show.
It is therefore not necessary to be at the show from the very beginning. At the same time it is important to have some time reserve (in cases of car jams on the road or parking).
The entry form includes the information about all registered dogs and their classes, catalogue and ring numbers.
Should the exhibitor not receive the entry form within the given timeframe, he/she should immediately contact the show organizers at and provide details about registered dogs.


7,00 – 14,00 Entry form check & random veterinary check
09,00 – 15,00 Judging in the Rings
11,00 – 13,00 Junior handling
13,00 – 14,00 Junior handling semifinals
15,30 – 18,00 Final Competitions

Final Competitions

  • Junior Handling (9-12 years)*
  • Junior Handling (13-17 years)*
  • Best minor puppy
  • Best puppy
  • Best Couple*
  • Best Breeder’s Group*
  • Best Veteran
  • Breeds not recognized by the FCI
  • Junior Best in Group – FCI Groups I. – X.
  • Best in Group – FCI Groups I. – X.
  • Nejkrásnější mladý pes dne / Junior Best of Day
  • Nejkrásnější pes dne / Best of Day
  • Junior Best in Show
  • Best in Show

*These competitions require a registration.

Owners with dogs who have won the BOB – Prague Winner Award must be present with their dog during the final competition.

Bob prize cup will be given out only to those who have competed at the Final Competitions in the Final Ring.

General Conditions

  • Dogs with cropped ears (registered or not) will not be admitted to the show grounds.(In compliance with the Animal Protection Law No. 246/1992 and No. 77/2004).
  • In cases where there are more than 80 dogs in the ring, the critique will not include the written evaluation of the dog.
  • During the show there will be a random identification check of dogs based on their tattoo and/or chip number according to the FCI regulations.
  • Variants (color, size , type of coatwill be judged in compliance with the FCI provisions and rules
  • Each registered dog needs to have a pedigree, issued by a stud book, which is officially recognized by the FCI.
  • All dogs are eligible for registration if they and their breed are administered in the FCI studbooks and are within the age limit required for the respective class in the day of the show date.
  • Each registered dog needs to have a pedigree, issued by a stud book, which is officially recognized by the FCI.
  • The organizer shall not be liable for any damages caused by the dog or the exhibitor or for the dog’s death or loss.
  • Roaming of unleashed dogs shall not be permitted.
  • Aggressive and biting dogs can be removed from the show according to show rules.
  • Females in season, highly pregnant females, breastfeeding females, aggressive dogs and dogs who have undergone surgery to cosmetically alter the dog’s appearance shall not be eligible.
  • Only cutting, trimming, brushing and combing is allowed.
  • It is forbidden to treat the coat, skin or nose of the dog with anything that alters the structure, color or form.
  • It is not allowed to leave the dog tied up on the trimming table longer than necessary for show preparation
  • Violations of these rules can mean immediate disqualification of the dog from the show.
  • Bringing small puppies and their sale at the show is not be permitted.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the provisions of the FCI international show rules and ČMKU rules apply.

Veterinary Conditions

    • Please note, that starting January 1 2020 the vaccination of a dog against rabies is considered valid only if the dog is issued with a microchip, or marked with a readable tattoo made before 3 July 2011.
    • Each dog at the dog show (registered or not) needs to have the dog’s pet passport Each dog at the dog show (registered or not) needs to have the dog’s pet passport, vaccination card or health certificate with proof of vaccination, in accordance with all the current veterinary conditions and rules.
    • All dogs at the show need to have a valid rabies vaccine in accordance with veterinary laws. This applies to all dogs.
    • Dogs from EU and third countries must have valid EU Pet Passport and need to meet the veterinary rules by the EU Regulation 576/2013 from 12.6.2013 and any additional new rules by the EU, or Czechia.
    • Dogs with cropped ears (registered or not) will not be admitted to the show grounds. (In compliance with the Animal Protection Law No. 246/1992 and No. 77/2004).

    Rabies vaccine is only valid if the dog is issued with a microchip.

    Dogs with cropped ears are NOT allowed to the show grounds.


    • Objections against any decisions made by a judge is not permitted.
    • However, formal complaints concerning violation of show rules and provisions may be filed. Such complaint must be submitted in writing form, against a deposit of 65 EUR, during the course of the show, meaning until the end of judging in the rings (excluding the preparation and the final ring).
    • If a protest is found to be unjustified, this deposit will be forfeited to the organizer of the show.