• (26.5.2020)
    Dear exhibitors,

    we have good news for you concerning the return of you registration fees, which we first announced in March.

    At the board meeting on 25.5.2020 it was decided that the amount of 50 CZK (2 EUR) is going to be deducted from the registration fee of every exhibitor and the remaining amount is going to be sent back to the exhibitor through the payment option that was chosen in the registration. The deducted amount is going to be used for the necessary expenditures that were generated in preparations for the show.

    The returning of the fees can't be done automatically and has to be done on case-by-case basis for each exhibitor. Therefore it will take a matter of several weeks before all exhibitors receive their fees back.

  • (12.5.2020)
    Dear exhibitors,

    because of insufficient information from the show grounds administration in regards to the return of our pre-payments for the rent and services (see the previous post) this situation will be acted upon on the next meeting of our board on 25.5.2020. The decision from 25.3.2020 about the return of part of the registration fees to every exhibitor is still in effect.

    The CMKU and the FCI are informed about the steps we are taking to resolve this issue.

    When we have any new information we will inform you in regards to this highly unpleasant situation (to us all) here and on our facebook page.

  • Oprava výsledků Double CACIB 1.12.2019 v soutěži o nejlepší pár
  • (31.3.2020) VÝSTAVA JE ZRUŠENA!

    Dear exhibitors,
    after a counsel from our lawyer, the board of ČKS (the organizer of the show) has sent a request to the showgrounds' administration for a refund of our pre-payments of the rent and services in total 484000 CZK.

    The board of ČKS has also decided to return a part of the registration fees back to the exhibitors of our CACIB Prague Expo Dog 10.-11.4.2020.

    The amount, which will be deducted from the registration fee of every exhibitor as well as the time period of the refunds will be decided upon after all of the final expenses are known.

    We will inform you of new developments.

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Changes in 2020

  • We accept only online registrations, through the new
  • Online version of the catalog will be available on the day of the show.
  • You can order the printed catalog during the online registration by opting-in, for a fee of 3€. The printed catalog is not included when registering a dog.
  • We no longer offer the discount for a registration of multiple dogs.
  • Please note, that starting January 1 2020 the vaccination of a dog against rabies is considered valid only if the dog is issued with a microchip, or marked with a readable tattoo made before 3 July 2011. More information on the website of State Veterinary Administration (in CZ only).