19. 5. 2022 - prodejci a stánkaři

New online order form for stallholders. Deadline 30. 6. 2022.

Upravené pokyny a nový ceník pro zájemce o pronájem komerční plochy (stánkaři, prodejci a další).

21. 4. 2022

The registration are open through payment by bank transfer, or by credit/debit card.

Deadline 30. 6. 2022.


7. 4. 2022

Dear Exhibitors,
today we have published the Judges' list for TrioCACIB Prague Expo Dog 5. – 7. Aug 2022.

Propozice připravujeme. Kvalifikace na Crufts 2023 probíhá v sobotu 6. 8. 2022.

The general partner of TrioCACIB Prague Expo Dog 2022 is Marse


  • New bank accounts at Fio bank for payments by a bank transfers.
  • Online payments by a card through GoPay without change. 
  • The general partner of the show is Marse.
  • Only one deadline.
  • We accept registration only through dogoffice.It is necessary to have an account on the website
  • The catalogue will only be published online on a show day before the judging starts.
  • We no longer offer a discount for the registration of more dogs.
  • Please note, that starting January 1 2020 the vaccination of a dog against rabies is considered valid only if the dog is issued with a microchip, or marked with a readable tattoo made before 3 July 2011. More information on the website of State Veterinary Administration (in CZ only).
3. 1. 2022

Dear Exhibitors,

international dog show TrioCACIB Prague Expo Dog, previously planned for april will be held on 5. - 7. August 2022. Cruft's 2023 qualification will be held on Saturday (Aug. 6), every dog which is awarded the title CAJC or CACIB is automatically qualified for Cruft's 2023.

Prague Expo Dog Team

30. 12. 2021

Dear Exhibitors,

it is with deep regret that we have to inform you of the passing of the director of Prague Expo Dog shows, Mr. Jiří Šiška. The official statement from the board of ČKS is available on its website. ČKS. 

Pořadatelem akce je Český kynologický svaz, z.s.